Our Services


Dream Up

No-charge meeting with the client in the property to discuss the client`s needs and take a brief saying about the ideas with no obligation. During this meeting, we know each other`s personality, discuss in detail the clients aiming to achieve, our styles and our way of living to create a new design. We can also give some idea about the budget and timings about the design process. This first dream-up meeting is the key for the new designs.



Create Idea

A mood board will be prepared after the dream up process. This will provide a flavour of how the room looks like and a colour board showing fabrics, wallpapers with small samples. And we will prepare a draft cost plan for your design.




After the creation of idea, if the client is satisfied with the ideas, we will start approval of the details and materials. The drawings and the samples must be signed by the client.




All the approvals finished; we started to have the prices from the manufactures and set out a price per room. All the elements are supplied with benefits discount as available. We charge a commission for the supply process to deal with all the timings and quality of the products that may arise.



Project Management

Any necessary site visits, dealing with the contractors, or manufactures to maintain quality and timing of the project. And the issues will be solved quickly and efficiently on site.




After the construction is finished, we organize to deliver the furniture’s, fabrics and carpets to site.

And create places for art, mirrors and lighting on walls to give the inspiration to living spaces.